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Stacey Carroll and Richard Griggs Secure $2 Million Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case

Stacey Carroll and co-counsel Richard Griggs obtained a $2 million verdict from a jury in DeKalb County, Georgia for the family of a man whose pacemaker failed.  Sixty-three year old Walter Knox died from cardiac arrest when his pacemaker, which also acted as a defibrillator, failed to shock his heart out of a dangerously irregular

15 Apr 2016

Stacey Carroll Recognized as a Georgia Super Lawyer for 2015

We are pleased to announce that Stacey Carroll has been recognized as a Georgia Super Lawyer for 2015, a distinction earned by less than 2% of the lawyers in the state.  Stacey’s Super Lawyers profile may be found here:

29 Apr 2015

What is Recoverable as “Pain and Suffering”?

Victims of negligence can have their lives impacted in numerous ways by a physical injury.  In most cases, the medical bills and physical pain make up only a fraction of the plaintiff’s total legal recovery.  Georgia appellate courts have held that no precise formula may be used to measure a plaintiff’s pain and suffering.  Instead,

10 Apr 2015

Stacey Carroll Wins Unanimous Decision in Georgia Supreme Court

Stacey Carroll secured a unanimous Supreme Court decision for his clients in Gala v. Fisher.  The High Court held that a plaintiff faced with an expert qualification challenge may supplement her complaint with the affidavit of a new expert.  A full copy of the Court’s decision can be found here: Fisher Holding

30 Mar 2015

Carroll Law Firm Obtains Six-Figure Settlement for Defrauded Franchise Investor

Carroll Law Firm has obtained a confidential six-figure settlement for an investor who was duped into investing a substantial sum of money in a franchise business.  Although the client signed a contract stating that he did not rely on any representations made by the company, Stacey Carroll was able to successfully argue that the contract

26 Mar 2015

Stacey Carroll Presents Argument to Georgia Supreme Court in Fisher v. Gala, et al.

On September 8, 2014, Stacey Carroll presented oral argument to the Georgia Supreme Court in Fisher v. Gala, et al. regarding Georgia’s expert affidavit requirements.

09 Sep 2014

When Is Compensation Available for a Defective Product?

Thousands of Georgians are physically injured each year from defective or dangerous products.  Such products range from kitchen appliances and lawn equipment to automobiles and industrial machinery.  To recover for injuries caused by these products, the injured plaintiff must satisfy certain legal elements, usually requiring the presentation of expert testimony.  Georgia recognizes three general theories

18 Apr 2014

When Can an Injured Plaintiff Recover Compensation for Mental Distress?

Plaintiffs in civil litigation can obtain compensation for numerous types of damages.  A personal injury claimant may seek recovery for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.  A defrauded consumer or investor may recover actual money lost, and in many cases may also recover attorney’s fees and statutory penalties.  Any plaintiff may seek attorney’s

24 Mar 2014

The Interplay Between Your Health Insurance and Personal Injury Recovery

In a previous article, I explained why a plaintiff’s claims for medical expenses in a personal injury suit is not limited to actual out-of-pocket expenditures for medical care.  In other words, a plaintiff’s recovery in the lawsuit is not reduced by the amount of the medical expenses paid by the plaintiff’s health insurer instead of

10 Feb 2014

The Key Legal Trick to Getting Out of a Bad Contract

I often have clients ask me about getting out of unfavorable contracts they have signed.  Many times, the complaint is that the other party made some untrue statement or engaged in deceptive tactics in negotiating the contract.  However, in just about every contract drafted by a competent attorney—there is included what’s called a “merger” or

23 Jan 2014